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Chamber Watch in the Media

 5/25/17The Hill:The Chamber of Commerce wants to rig the game against the American people” by Amit Narang and Dan Dudis

5/17/17Huffington Post:It’s Time For Gap To Be Transparent And Drop The Chamber” by Dan Dudis

5/16/17Huffington Post:Chamber Hypocrisy on Regulations Reveals its True Goal: Making Government Work for Corporations, not the People” by Dan Dudis

4/28/17The Orlando Sentinel: “Universal plans to add more defendants to drainage lawsuit” by Sandra Pedicini

4/27/17Deutsche Welle:Why do Google & Co finance climate change?” by Ines Eisele

4/25/17Clean Technica: “Obama Revisits Chicago, Calls For More Activism By Younger Americans” by Steve Hanley

4/24/17- The Guardian: “Disney, the Gap and Pepsi urged to quit US Chamber of Commerce” by Dominic Rushe

4/24/17- Quartz: “The environment-hating US Chamber of Commerce is losing the support of the world’s biggest companies” by Neha Thirani Bagri

4/24/17- The Week: “Groups pressure Disney, Pepsi, the Gap to quit U.S. Chamber of Commerce” by Catherine Garcia

4/24/17- Common Dreams: “Almost 60 Organizations Call on Disney to Stop Funding the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

4/24/17– Bill Moyers:Daily Reads: Far-Right Le Pen Will Face Centrist Emmanuel Macron in French Election; Will Trump’s Wall Lead to a Government Shutdown?” by John Light

4/24/17- Gulf Times: “Activists lobby firms to quit business chamber

4/24/17- “Activists call for Walt Disney, Gap and Pepsi to withdraw from the US Chamber of Commerce

3/10/17- The Hill:Chamber of Commerce sets its sights on our civil justice system” by Dan Dudis

2/1/17- Huffington Post: “Will Trump Keep His Promise To Return Government To The People?” by Dan Dudis

1/24/17- The Hill:Chamber’s ‘State of American Business’ only about big business” by Dan Dudis

12/7/16- New York Magazine: The Chamber of Commerce May Learn to Love Trump” by Ed Kilgore

12/7/16- The Charlotte Observer: For first time ever, U.S. Chamber of Commerce contributed only to Republicans” by Lesley Clark

11/30/16- Huffington Post: “Wave of Corporate Wrongdoing Demands More Prosecution, Not Less” by Dan Dudis

10/26/16- The New York Times:The Chamber of Commerce’s Partisanship” by Dan Dudis

10/20/16The Hill: “Chamber of Commerce wages war against political transparency” by Dan Dudis

10/6/16The Washington Post: “How Companies Can Look Out for More Than the Bottom Line” by Dan Dudis

9/28/16The Street: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Part of ‘Dark Money’ in Politics Problem, New Report Alleges” by Deena Zaidi

7/29/16The Hill: “Chamber of Commerce defense of Wall St. bonuses is bad for the economy” by Dan Dudis

7/19/16The New York Times: “A Chamber for Big Business” by Dan Dudis

6/14/16The Hill: “Opposing the Chamber of Commerce’s Harmful Agenda” by Dan Dudis

6/10/16Las Vegas Sun: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce ensures dark money casts shadow on Nevada” by Dan Dudis

6/9/16The New York Times: “Taking a Hard Look at a Campaign Critical of a Fiduciary Rule” by Daniel Dudis and Bartlett Naylor

5/14/16Louisville Courier-Journal: “U.S. Chamber Tries Buying Ky Votes” by Dan Dudis

5/10/16Buzzfeed: “Tom Donohue, Unplugged” by Dan Dudis

4/6/16The Hill: Why the US Chamber of Commerce is Fighting Transparency” by Dan Dudis

1/20/16The Hill: “Unmasking the Chamber’s Big Bank Agenda” by Don Marlais

10/9/15The New York Times: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Focus on Advocacy a Boon to Tobacco” by Danny Hakim.

7/17/ “US Chamber of Commerce Involved in Pro-Tobacco Activities: Report.”

7/16/15The Hill: “Report: Chamber Fought Anti-smoking Laws in Low-Income Countries” by Lydia Wheeler.

7/16/15Huffington Post: “US Chamber of Commerce– A Smokescreen for Big Tobacco” by Lisa Gilbert and John Stewart.

7/14/15The Los Angeles Times: “CVS Takes High Road in Clash With Business Group” by David Lazarus.

7/14/15CommonDreams: “CVS Quits US Chamber of Commerce Over ‘Craven’ Ties to Tobacco Industry” by Andrea Germanos.

7/3/15– The New York Times: “Tarred by Tobacco” by the Editorial Board.

7/1/15The New York Times: “U.S. Chamber Fights Smoking Laws While Hospitals and Insurers Sit on Its Board” by Danny Hakim.

6/30/15– New York Times: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Works Globally to Fight Antismoking Measures” by Danny Hakim.

6/3/15Bloomberg BNA: “Business Community Preparing Coordinated Pushback on Safe Contracting Guidelines” by Stephen Lee.

3/5/15E-Commerce Times: “We Done Good, Consumer Protection Chief Tells Lawmakers” by Richard Adhikari.

1/22/ “On 5th Anniversary of ‘Citizens United’ Citizen Groups Nationwide Act to Introduce Legislation” by KoKo.

1/20/15disinformation: “CU5: Nationwide Actions Mark Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United” by Eleanor Goldfield.

1/15/15Mint Press News: “Campaign Finance Disclosure: The Laws States Need to Shine Light on Dark Money in Politics” by Katie Lentsch.

11/28/14- AlterNet: “Using its Wealth, Google Has Become a DC Lobbying Juggernaut—And They Still Know Everything About Us” by Adam Hudson.

11/25/14- Susan Harley interviewed on “Zero Hour with RJ Eskow” on “Mission Creepy-y” Google report.

11/19/14- Susan Harley interviewed on “Leslie Marshall Radio Show” (Mark Levine, Guest Host): “Google Knows” on “Mission Creepy-y” Google report.

11/19/14- Associations Now: “Advocacy Group: Information and Influence Boost Google’s Power” by Ernie Smith.

11/18/14- Taylor Lincoln interviewed by RTTV on the on “Mission Creepy-y” Google report.

11/16/14- Ein Newsdesk: “Google: Too Much Information, Too Much Power?

11/16/14- Undernews: “Some facts Google doesn’t pop up on your screen.”

11/14/14- Windows IT Pro: “Short Takes: November 14, 2014” by Paul Thurrott.

11/14/14- TRNS: “Google expands into politics” by Ed Zuckerman.

11/14/14- Silicon Valley Business Journal: “Google’s influence questioned by citizens’ group” by Jack McCormick.

11/13/14- NASDAQ: “Consumer Group Questions Google’s Breadth, Influence – Presented by: The Aol. On Network”.

11/13/14- Common Dreams: “More Cracks in Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra as Data Collection, Political Power Soar” by Deidre Fulton.

11/13/14- Wall Street Journal: “Consumer Group Questions Google’s Breadth, Influence” by Alistair Barr.

11/13/14- PandoDaily: “Google is the biggest corporate lobbyist in America now, says new Public Citizen report” by James Robinson.

11/5/14- Sam Jewler interviewed on WPKN/Bridgeport CT’s syndicated show “Between the Lines” about the “Dark Side” report.

11/3/14- CounterPunch: “The Buying of Democracy: Congress for Sale” by Binoy Kampmark.

10/31/14- Wisconsin Gazette: “U.S. chamber largest overall spender of dark money in midterms.”

10/31/14- Global Research: “Congress for Sale: The Buying of Democracy” by Binoy Kampmark.

10/30/14- Huffington Post: “In Big-Money Move, Corporations Seek to Make Congress a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary” by Richard “RJ” Eskow.

10/30/14- Sustainable Business: “Chamber of Commerce Leads Outside Spending in Midterm Elections.”

10/30/14- BoingBoing: “Millions in dark money via U.S. Chamber of Commerce influencing midterm elections” by Andrea James.

10/29/14- The Nation: “Guess Who’s About to Buy Congress” by George Zornick.

10/29/14- Common Dreams: “In Record ‘Dark Money’ Election, Chamber of Commerce Top Shadowy Spender: Report” by Sarah Lazare.

10/18/14- Sacramento Bee: “U.S. Chamber supports candidates who don’t share its immigration stance” by Curtis Tate.

9/24/14- Common Dreams: “Yelp, Facebook, Google Are Latest Tech Companies to Drop ALEC” by Mary Bottari.

9/24/14- A Breaking News: GovBeat: Yelp, Facebook, Google and Microsoft reconsider their relationship with free-market group ALEC by Niraj Chokshi.

9/23/14- Southeast Green: “Google Takes Step to Rectify Conflicting Climate Message: Public Citizen Calls for Google to Also Leave U.S. Chamber of Commerce.’’

9/23/14- Sustainable Business News: “Google Comes Partially to Its Senses, Drops ALEC.”

7/30/14- Las Vegas Sun: “Chamber lost its way in right turn” by Joe Nocera.

6/24/14- WIXX: “U.S. watchdog says Google’s Skybox deal raises commodity trade concern” by Edward McAllister.

6/3/14- Before It’s News: “Major Companies Distance Themselves From U.S. Chamber Campaign Against Obama’s Climate Plan.”

6/1/14- Pandodaily: “The US Chamber of Commerce is full of s*** for claiming that high CEO-to-worker pay ratios don’t matter” by David Holmes.

5/29/14- Breaking Energy: “EPA’s Carbon Rule Sets off Bitter Fight Before it Even Exists” by Pete Danko.

5/29/14- Grist: “The fight is on: Obama’s climate rules aren’t out yet, but both sides are already slugging” by Ben Adler.

5/23/14- Think Progress: “Chamber Of Commerce Claims Calculating How Much More CEOs Make Than Their Workers Is ‘Egregious’” by Bryce Covert.

5/15/14- Google promises to release minority hiring figures, as activists protest outside shareholder meeting by Brandon Bailey. (Also on: San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey Herald)

5/14/14- Sustainable Business: “Google Rises to the Top, Lobbyists That Is.”

4/29/14- Huffington Post Blog: “Out of the Shadows: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce” by Pearl Korn and Johnathan Stone.

3/27/14- Green Biz: “Why companies must be transparent about political spending” by Michael Kramer.

3/27/14- The Hill: “Why does the U.S. Chamber oppose small businesses harmed by BP disaster?” by Robert Weissman.

3/6/14- Media Matters: “Wall Street Journal Channels U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Latest Attack on Class Actions” by Meagan Hatcher-Mays.

3/4/14- Media Matters: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Where Right-Wing Media’s Anti-Class Action Talking Points Are Born” by Meagan Hatcher-Mays.

3/1/14- Truthout reposted press release on U.S. Chamber of Commerce myths.

2/28/14- Legal Newsline: “Study says securities class actions actually harm investors” by John O’Brien.

2/10/14- Business Journals: “Big business pays U.S. Chamber’s bills — does it also call the shots?” by Kent Hoover. (Also on: Business First, Birmingham Business Journal, Los Angeles Business, and more)

2/6/14- eNews Park Forest: “Majority of Donations to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Given by Just 64 Entities.”

2/6/14- Miami New Times: The Politely Evil Empire by Pete Kotz. (Also on Dallas Observer)